Tone That Body with LipoSculpture

Are you athletic, but try as you will, still can’t get a six-pack looking middle? Have you lost weight, but your newly tone muscles are still buried in stubborn pockets of flab?

There’s hope. It’s called LipoSculpture. According to Dr. Charles Sarosy, body contouring expert, many people have natural fat deposits that resist diet and exercise.

That’s why LipoSculpture is becoming so popular. This state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery procedure can give you the look you want.

Get a Defined Look 

If you want to take your fitness efforts to the next level, LipoSculpture can give you a chiseled look. The most obvious way it helps is by removing unwanted fat.

But the procedure goes beyond reducing bulk. An experienced cosmetic surgeon with aesthetic flair can actually incorporate small sections of fat into the defined look you are after. By leaving specific tiny areas in place, the doctor can create the illusion of full muscles.

Common areas that respond well to the artistic detail used in LipoSculpture are love handles, abs, back, arms, thighs, and even under the chin.

What Is LipoSculpture?

LipoScultpure has much in common liposuction. During the surgery, the doctor takes out or leaves in fat cells between the muscles and the skin in order to produce a certain look in a person’s body.

When done by an experienced cosmetic surgeon, the procedure can actually leverage the fat you naturally have. For example, fat can actually be part of your ultimate look, helping to give the impression of six-pack abs.

The treatment is done by suctioning out fat through very thin tubes via tiny incisions in the skin. It can also be combined with other procedures, like a tummy tuck. If small areas are worked on, the work can be done with local anesthesia. For larger areas, IV sedation is used.

Are You a Good Candidate?

The treatment works best for people who are close to their best weight but simply can’t get rid of pockets of fat. The ideal candidate has a BMI under 30 and is a non-smoker. The more elastic the skin, with minimal UV ray damage, the better the outcome.

Not for Weight Loss

Though liposuction can be used for weight loss, LipoSculture has a different aim. The goal is to get rid of clusters of fat that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Yes, you will lose a certain amount of bulk. Patients might lose 5 to 10 lbs. during the procedure, but this is a side effect. The emphasis is bringing out a defined look and exposing chiseled musculature.

It is also not intended as a treatment for cellulite, saggy skin or stretch marks. Dr. Sarosy points out that LipoSculpture can actually worsen these particular conditions.

Trust Experience 

Charles Sarosy, M.D., has been helping men and women in the San Diego area look their best for over 15 years. He is considered an expert in body contouring. In fact, he has taught other physicians about LipoSculpture methods and best practices.

Dr. Sarosy is board certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He has successfully performed a range of cosmetic procedures on thousands of happy patients in the last 17 years.

A natural, better you is the goal. Dr. Sarosy takes great pride in producing aesthetic results that enhance your best features.

He knows it is essential that both doctor and patient are clear on expectations, the best outcomes and what happens during the procedure. He thoroughly discusses what you want to achieve and how he can bring it about. Doctor and staff put patient safety and comfort at the top of the list from treatment through recovery.

Call Dr. Sarosy today to set up an appointment to discuss how LipoSculpture can help you show off your trimmed and toned torso.


Mom’s Lining Up For Mommy Makeovers Before Summer

Revamping that post-pregnancy look, and getting back into shape with mommy makeovers

The joy of motherhood is incomparable to any other kind of happiness. However, every woman who has brought a child into this world knows all too well the drastic kind of changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy and after birth. Getting that pre-pregnancy body back is also a painful task, and this is why more and more moms are opting to undertake a combination of cosmetic surgical procedures to get back into shape, these procedures are generally referred to as “mommy makeovers”.

mommy makeover by dr sarosyDiana a 35-year-old mother or two boys hated her post pregnancy stomach, which according to her appeared very “saggy”.  She was tired of wearing ‘muffin tops’ all the time, while newer fashion trends demanded fitting kinds of tops.  As a result of these negative feelings, she decided to have a mommy makeover last year, Diana’s procedure involved liposuction, breast augmentation and lift with Tummy Tuck.

“With two boys, my main focus for years was to raise them properly, and that always meant that my needs came second to theirs,” Diana recalls. “So, over the years I let myself go until I reached a point where I would look at myself and I hate what I saw. So, I decided to get a mommy makeover, and I could not be happier,” she says proudly.

According to a survey conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 62% of American mothers would consider having full “mommy makeovers” to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, if money was not a hindrance. Mommy makeovers include breast enlargements, breast lifts, tummy tacks, and liposuction. The research also noted that the age of women seeking these procedures had reduced, over the last decade. This means that young moms are more inclined to undergo these surgical procedures.

According to Dr. Matthew Schulman, who is an assistant professor of plastic surgery at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Manhattan, mommy makeovers are becoming more acceptable by women in their 30s and 40s.  The assistant professor further states that stretch marks and the loosening of the skin associated with pregnancy were a major concern for the women who consulted him.  He also took note of the fact the patients who sought mommy makeovers were women who prior to pregnancy had ‘great overall looks’ and they sought to regain these looks.

A stretched stomach that won’t go away even with exercise, deflated breasts and weight settling on the hips are just some of the changes a woman’s body experiences during and after pregnancy.  As a result, more and more moms are lining up for mommy makeovers to regain their shape before the summer.

Dr Charles Sarosy offering End of Summer Lipo Special

Dr. Charles Sarosy a prominent Cosmetic Surgeon in San Diego is offering a fantastic summer liposuction sale at his new state of the art cosmetic surgery center that he just opened in San Diego.  Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures we perform, and is highly sought out procedure by San Diegan’s.  The summer never really ends in San Diego, so having a fit look is very important to many San Diegan’s, Dr. Sarosy is only offering this for a few more weeks (3 areas for $3695).

Dr. Sarosy has performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures over the last couple of decades and has two southern California Cosmetic Surgery Centers, one in San Diego and the other in Temecula.  Dr. Sarosy says, “Liposuction is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures we perform, and for many this is the only way to get rid of those stubborn fatty areas that diet and exercise simply won’t help”.  Liposuction is not a substitute for eating right and exercise and works best for individuals that are within 30% of their ideal body weight.

If you are within 30% of your ideal weight and have the following issues, Liposuction may be right for you:

  • If diet and exercise isn’t working
  • If you have fatty areas around stomach area
  • If you have fatty areas on your thighs
  • If you have a double chin
  • If you have fatty rolls on your lower back

Liposuction is a relatively safe and common procedure with little downtime and outstanding results when performed by a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Liposculpture.  The procedure is performed by making small incisions in the fatty areas and a small cannula wand is inserted, the fat is then sucked out and the area is closed.  The procedure is usually performed in about an hour and you can be back to normal activities within a few weeks.

Dr. Charles Sarosy is a Board Certified Surgeon who has been practicing Cosmetic Surgery for the past seventeen years. He is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He has performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures with a very high rate of patient satisfaction. He specializes in body contouring procedures and is one of the busiest surgeons in Southern California.

Over the past seventeen years Dr. Sarosy has performed over 7,000 cosmetic procedures. He has trained many physicians in the art of Liposculpture and was a member of the Louisiana University Medical Center prior to relocating back to San Diego.

Dr. Sarosy prides himself on providing a safe, high quality and affordable cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Sarosy Says Natural Breast Augmentation on the Rise!

Dr. Charles Sarosy a San Diego cosmetic surgeon says that more patients are asking for natural looking breast augmentation.  Dr. Sarosy says, “I’ve been in business for over 20 years, and the current trend is definitely a more natural look.  I remember 15 years ago many of our patients coming in with pictures of Pamela Anderson wanting very large breasts like her.  Now they are bringing in social media images of models with much smaller breasts, the C range is the norm now.  But when it comes to the buttocks many women now want large butts like the Kardashian, the Brazilian butt lift has really taken off because of Kim Kardashian”.  Times have certainly changed, but the numbers for breast augmentation is still very strong.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reporting 286,000 breast augmentation procedures last year.

Dr. Sarosy offers a number of options for breast implants.  He goes on to say, “Each style of implant has pros and cons. Round implants are the mainstay of most cosmetic breast augmentation. Choosing the correct proportion and size is necessary to give a good result. Teardrops can sometimes rotate and be more feelable because they are textured. In my own practice I favor the smooth round cohesive implants, but I always go over the options with my patients”

Dr. Sarosy prefers to place the breast implants under the muscle, it offers a more natural look because the muscle drapes gently over the top of the implant.  When implants are placed above the muscle, particularly in the very thin patient, the result can look very unnatural, but that is a look some patients want. There is also clear evidence that capsular contracture rates and infection are lower when implants are placed under the muscle and is better for mammography.  For my athletic patients, when they go to the gym and bench press or weight lift, the implants will look less natural above the muscle.  For patients who might want a breast lift in the future, above the muscle implant separates the breast tissue from the muscle.  If the patient wants a lift in the future the blood supply to the nipple and the areola is more in jeopardy.

Dr. Sarosy keeps silicone gel implants of all sizes available for patients to try on in a testing bra.  This is not a perfect teaching tool because under the muscle implants tend to lose some projection, but most patients find it helpful.  Dr. Sarosy suggests bringing a friend or loved one to the consultation and to bring a few a few different shirts.  He suggests as you look at implants you think about the relationship between the width of the breast and the width of the shoulders and hips.  Two wide will make you look top heavy, too narrow will make the breasts look like torpedoes. I personally like to see the outer curve the breast have balance with the curve of the hip.  Once we hone in on the right diameter we then look at the projection of the breast which changes the cup size.  At the correct diameter we can use a high moderate or low profile implant depending upon the patients goals.

Photographs of your goals are helpful, but they don’t always tell the whole story.  In addition Dr. Sarosy offers a large breast augmentation before and after gallery to view.

Dr. Sarosy just opened a new fully accredited cosmetic surgery center in San Diego.  He has a summer special running through the end of August for Saline Breast Implants for $3995 and $4995 for Silicone.  Call his office for details.

San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Says Mommy Makeover Procedures on the Rise

San Diego, CA-  San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Charles Sarosy says he has seen an increase in the Mommy Makeover procedures this year.  Dr. Sarosy says, “we have always been one of the busiest cosmetic surgery centers in San Diego, our most popular procedure breast augmentation, is now being packaged with other procedure for a full makeover.  Since we are one of the few cosmetic surgery centers in San Diego, with our own surgical center, we can offer very competitive pricing”.

The mommy makeover procedure is different for every woman, in most cases the procedure will entail a breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck.  For some women the tummy tuck may not be necessary depending on the abdominal area, in this case just liposuction may be necessary so the pricing does vary from woman to woman.  Many women are also opting for the Brazilian butt lift procedure  combined with breast augmentation, the Kardashian’s have had a major influence in this procedure.  This procedure entails liposuction of fat usually in the abdominal area, and having it positioned to the buttocks.

The typical Mommy Makeover procedure involves the following procedures and can be completed usually in one day:

  • Breast augmentation with possible lift
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • Facial Fillers
  • Liquid Facelift

Since the mommy makeover procedure is a full day of treatment many of our patients opt to have other procedures like the liquid facelift performed since they are sedated.  The mommy makeover procedure is quite extensive and requires a few weeks of recovery, but well worth the outcome.  Dr. Sarosy says, “this is truly a transformational procedure, many of our patients go from hiding their bodies to now showing them off on social media.  I’ve also had many clients say it has helped save their marriages, as it has improved their sexual confidence”.

Dr. Sarosy has performed thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures in San Diego and Temecula.  Board Certified Surgeon, Charles J. Sarosy, M.D. has been performing the highest quality cosmetic surgery for 16 years.  Dr. C. Sarosy, M.D. is a member of The American Society of Cosmetic Surgery with the Highest Rate of Patient Satisfaction.  Safety, Comfort and Affordability is Maintained as Dr. Sarosy, MD offers a state of the art, Accredited, Operating Suite with a highly trained and Compassionate Staff.

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Recent Study Reveals Correlation Between Age and Body Happiness

A recent study reveals that there is a direct correlation between body happiness and age, ethnicity and race.  A staggering 13 percent of those surveyed were happy with their bodies, this percentage climbed to 17 percent with Asian and African American women.  Caucasian women overall were the most dissatisfied with approximately 87 percent of US women stating there were unhappy with at least one part of their body.

20 percent of Asian women report they are unhappy with their eyes, while Hispanic women were unhappy with their facial features.  33 percent of the women surveyed in the United States report they would undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance or body part.  Overall Hispanic women report they are more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery at a rate of 39 percent and Asian women were the least likely at 23 percent.

The most popular procedure considered was breast enlargement, followed by liposuction and tummy tuck surgery.  The survey also revealed that women between the ages of 18 and 24 were the least happy with their facial features, while those aged 45 ot 64 complained mostly about their neck more than any other body part.

Do you agree with these finding?  Post your comments on our Facebook page.



Smaller Breast Implants are the New Trend

Dr. Charles Sarosy a San Diego cosmetic surgeon has seen a large increase in the amount of new patients looking for a more natural breast augmentation result.  Dr. Sarosy says, “over the past few years I have seen a significant increase in women who want to look natural over big busted”.

A lot of this trend may have to do with Hollywood women removing their large implants for smaller implants and some removing all together.  Victoria Bekham, Heidi Montag and Pamela Anderson are just a few of Hollywood celebrities that have changed their implant size.

Dr. Sarosy goes on to say, “I’ve seen a significant change in the implant sizes we order for our center, most of the implants are in the C cup range, and most women are simply asking to go up one size and are looking for more firmness”.  Dr. Sarosy reports that 10 years ago most of the implant sizes were in the D to DD range now most are in the full C range.

Women now are also thinking more about the future with their implants.  Many of Dr. Sarosy clients are very active and don’t want the burden of large breasts.  And now that implants last much longer many women are thinking about how the implants will look on them 10-20 years from now.

Are You a Candidate for Liposuction

With Summer fast approaching and the weather starting to heat up in Southern California many people are beginning to research liposuction to help shed those winter pounds.  Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures falling right behind breast augmentation.  Every year millions of people undergo liposuction surgery.

Liposuction is still one of the best procedures available today for body contouring.  Dr. Charles Sarosy a San Diego Cosmetic surgeon states “a good cosmetic surgeon can help someone create the body they always dreamed of through liposuction”.  He goes on to say “for the person who works out regular and has good muscle tone but just some troubled fat areas the results are amazing”.

Dr. Sarosy goes on to say, “liposuction requires a skilled surgeon for best results, I have seen many  botched up liposuction procedures so be selective in surgeons not price”.  Dr. Sarosy has over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and body contouring is one of his specialties.  You can view his before and after liposuction procedures .

The best candidates for liposuction surgery are men and women who are within 30% of their desired weight and have good muscle tone and skin elasticity.  Liposuction is not a cure for obesity many people believe that all the fat can just be sucked out and that is not the case.  For obese individuals it is recommended to get into a healthy lifestyle first and lose weight.  In most cases for obese individuals once the weight goal is obtained they will have to undergo a tummy tuck and liposuction.  For many there is a great deal of loose skin that need to be cut away.

Typically the procedure takes an hour to two hours depending on the amount of areas that lipo will be performed.  The areas of focus will have small incisions made and a cannula rod is inserted into desired area and then the fat is manipulated and sucked out.  The incisions are very  small and usually heal without notice in time.

Dr. C. Sarosy, M.D. is a member of The American Society of Cosmetic Surgery, and has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures with the Highest Rate of Patient Satisfaction.

How Tummy Tuck and Exercise Can Have You Looking Great

kim zolciak new body after tummy tuck


Kim Zolciak, a mother of six and married to NFL Kroy Biermann of the Atlanta Falcons and star of TV reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, recently had a tummy tuck to help her get her shape back.  Zolciak recently tweeted the above images showing her progress on Instagram.

Zolciak admits that plastic surgery combined with some working out can provide these kind of results.  She has lost a total of 50lbs since having her most recent baby.  She credits the weight loss to a portion controlled diet and she does one hour of cardio per day.  Zolciak is also a rep for 310 Nutrition and gives credit to the nutritional shakes she drinks that help curb her appetite.

Zolciak said “plastic surgery is not a cure all” in addition to the tummy tuck she had a hernia that needed repair as well as her muscles from giving birth to her twins in Nov 2013.


Breast Enhancement San Diego

One of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today is the breast enhancement procedure.  For many women their natural breast cause great anxiety and stress especially in San Diego.  Living in such an active area like San Diego there are many beach days and pool parties.  If you are struggling with insecurities we can help at Dr. Sarosy’s cosmetic surgery centers in Temecula and San Diego we offer a number of breast enhancement procedures that can help.

Breast Augmentation

One of our most popular procedures we offer, both silicone breast implants and saline breast implants.  Both implants are safe and have their pros and cons that we can discuss at your consultation.

Breast Reduction

For many women having large breast is a total “pain in the neck”, literally large breasts can cause significant pain for the neck and back.  A breast reduction can help reduce this pain and discomfort and provide patients with a better quality of life.  For many patients symmetry is a big issue, if you have breasts that are not proportional breast lift procedure can help.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is something women do not necessarily have to have done. There are times when sagging breasts cause pain and stretch marks, but mostly women get a breast lift to boost their confidence. The main causes of sagging or “drooping” breasts are pregnancy and breastfeeding, especially in the older mommies in the world. Over time, skin loses its elasticity which leads to sagging breasts on large breasted women and during or after pregnancy. A breast lift can ease pain and make a woman feel younger and more vibrant. However, if you plan on having more children, you should wait to have this breast enhancement in Toledo until after you are done breastfeeding; otherwise you could just be throwing money out of the window.