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Facial Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer)

Facial Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer) by San Diego Body Contouring

Facial Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer) in San Diego by SD Body Contouring

When confronted with the visible signs of aging, many individuals turn to serums, dermal fillers, and injections to restore a youthful glow. While these methods are effective, the long-term costs can add up if you want to maintain your look. For this reason, more and more patients are opting for a natural approach to turning back the clock with facial fat grafting or fat transfer. With fat grafting, we can restore facial volume lost to the aging process through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that uses your body’s own tissue to smooth wrinkles and enhance your facial features – and the results can last indefinitely.

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What is facial fat grafting or fat transfer?

Facial fat grafting, or fat transfer, involves taking a small amount of fat from the abdomen or thighs via liposuction, purifying it, and re-injecting it beneath the skin of the face. Using blunt hollow tubes, Dr. Sarosy employs a microdroplet technique to inject the fat around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline, restoring volume and giving your complexion a youthful glow.

There are many benefits to choosing fat transfer or facial fat grafting for facial rejuvenation. In addition to providing natural-looking results, facial fat grafting is also celebrated for its longevity. Your body will reabsorb some of the fat injected, but the remaining amount can last for years, reducing the likelihood of needing touch-up injections. Facial fat grafting is also safe. Because fat transfer uses your own tissue, there’s no risk of allergic reaction or rejection by your body.

What can I expect from the fat transfer or facial fat grafting treatment?

Facial fat grafting is typically performed under local anesthesia. If you are having another procedure performed simultaneously, such as facelift surgery, general anesthesia may be used. Dr. Sarosy will begin by making a small incision at the harvest site and then perform a liposuction procedure to extract the fat tissue. The fat is then sent through a purification process that prepares it for survival after the transfer. Finally, Dr. Sarosy will carefully inject the fat beneath the facial skin to plump lines, creases, and depressions for results that look and feel completely natural.

Facial fat grafting usually takes a couple of hours from start to finish. Slight bruising, swelling, and tenderness at the injection sites peak a few days after the procedure and subside over the following week. Most patients are cleared to return to work within a week and may resume regular exercise a month after the procedure.

Am I a good candidate for facial fat grafting or fat transfer?

Facial fat grafting can restore a smooth, youthful contour to your face if you’re unhappy with how the aging process has changed your appearance. You may be a good candidate for facial fat grafting or fat transfer if:

• You have facial volume loss that makes you look older than you feel
• You want longer-lasting results than what is offered by dermal fillers
• You want to take a completely natural approach to facial rejuvenation
• You have sufficient recovery time after the procedure
• You are in good general health and have realistic expectations

It’s important to note that viable candidates for facial fat grafting or fat transfer must have adequate fat in other areas of the body from which to perform liposuction. Dr. Sarosy will perform a physical evaluation at your consultation to determine the best harvest location.

How long will my facial fat grafting or fat transfer results last?

Following your facial fat graft or fat transfer, your face might appear slightly swollen – don’t worry. Dr. Sarosy may inject more tissue than needed to account for the fat that isn’t expected to survive the transfer. This initial swelling will subside in a couple of weeks, with optimal results revealed about six months after surgery. The amazing thing about facial fat grafting is that the results can last a lifetime. Fat cells that survive the transfer and establish a blood supply in the face will live indefinitely and age naturally with you.

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