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Double Bubble

Double bubble is a term that describes a number of different abnormalities.  Generally it involves an implant that is placed under the muscle and there appears to be a second inframammary crease.  The best way to describe it, as if there is a crease causing the breast mound to appear as two.  The crease separating it is usually the old inframammary fold.  Sometimes the crease will flatten with time, but if it does not then surgical correction is needed.  The repair is dependent on the cause and it can involve simply cutting the scar tissue, changing position of the implant to performing a breast lift.  Successful repair is dependent on choosing a surgeon who has dealt with these abnormalities.

SYNMASTIA:  Commonly known as a “uniboob.”  This is where the two breasts meet in the middle, touch and appear as one breast.  This is caused when too aggressive release of the pectorals muscle or the pectoral muscle attachments is performed.  Numerous repairs have been described, but usually involve reattachment of the muscle to create a space between the breasts.

29 year old female with Left breast Implant deflation and “Double Bubble” deformity. After revision with implant exchange both deflation and double bubble corrected.

double bubble breast revision



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