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Is Breast Implant Revision the Right Choice For You?

Is Breast Implant Revision the Right Choice For You?

December 14, 2017 No Comments Breast Augmentation
Is Breast Implant Revision the Right Choice for You?

Most women who undergo breast augmentation surgery are thrilled with their new shapely body contours. But unfortunately, not everyone ends up happy with their breast implant results. Whether this is due to poorly placed implants, unexpected health complications, or a change of heart regarding the size of the implants, breast implant revision can help.

Breast implant revision surgery typically involves the removal and/or replacement of breast implants in order to address a health issue, improve the look and feel of the breasts, or correct cosmetic issues. Women who have had their implants for a long time may also opt for breast implant revision to upgrade to more modern implants. If you’re unhappy with the current state of your breasts following an implant procedure, read on for more information to help you decide whether breast implant revision is the right choice for you.

Your breast augmentation resulted in complications

When your original breast augmentation is performed by a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon, you dramatically reduce the risk of complications you might have had with a less qualified doctor.  But even then, unforeseen complications do sometimes occur. No one knows exactly why, but 10% of women who have implants develop capsular contracture, a condition that sometimes requires breast implant revision.  Other complications may include infection, breast pain, or implant rupture. Many women also opt for breast implant revision to correct a botched breast augmentation performed by an unqualified surgeon.

You’re unhappy with the size of your breast implants

Not every breast implant procedure produces the desired results. Although a qualified cosmetic surgeon will guide his patients toward an implant size that provides aesthetically pleasing proportions, it’s impossible to know exactly how you’ll feel once you’re on the other side. Sometimes, after the breast augmentation procedure, you may realize that your new breasts are either bigger or smaller than you’d like. In this case, a breast implant revision will allow you to increase or decrease the implant size in order to achieve the body contours you finds most flattering.

You want to upgrade your breast implants

Breast implant surgery is a way to achieve fuller, shapelier breasts that look fantastic in anything…or nothing at all. But if you’ve had your implants for a long time, it may be time for an upgrade. Many women opt for breast implant revision because modern silicone implants have a more natural look and feel than what was available at the time of their original augmentation procedure. Others may choose to upgrade to more current saline implants that are less prone to leakage and rippling.    

You’ve changed your mind about having breast implants

One of the most surprising and wonderful things about growing older is the discovery of new pleasures and new ways of being.  But sometimes, embracing change means letting go of the things that no longer work for us. Some women who have had breast augmentation later discover that their breast implants don’t support their newfound joy of athleticism.  Others realize they’d had their breasts augmented to please someone else rather than themselves.  If you’ve changed your mind about having breast implants, you can have them removed. In some cases, implant revision surgery that includes a breast lift can restore the cosmetic shape of your breasts after removal of the implants.

Your doctor has recommended breast implant removal

There are times when breast implant revision is considered medically necessary. A breast cancer diagnosis, development of capsular contracture, breast infection, tissue death, and ruptured implants are all reasons a doctor may strongly recommend breast implant revision.  In cases of medical necessity, your insurance company may cover a portion of your implant revision surgery, though you may be responsible for the cost of implant replacement or other fees associated with the procedure.

Breast implant revision surgeon in San Diego

Whatever reason you have for considering breast implant revision, it’s crucial that you choose a surgeon who takes the time to listen to your concerns and carefully explain your options before moving forward.  Additionally, you’ll want a doctor who has the skill and experience to help you address your concerns and achieve the cosmetic results you’re looking for. At San Diego Body Contouring, our cosmetic surgeons have the skill, compassion, reputation, and dedication worthy of your trust. Give us a call at (619) 697-1325 to schedule your free breast implant revision consultation today.

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