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Co2 Laser Resurfacing San Diego

Co2 Laser Resurfacing San Diego

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Does Laser Resurfacing Really Work?

A common cosmetic surgery technique that’s used to improve the appearance of one’s skin is known as laser resurfacing. This technique allows a plastic surgeon a great amount of control over modifying the outer layer of one’s skin, especially if the patient has delicate or sensitive skin.

The technique is performed by a cosmetc surgeon, who uses a laser to pulsate short, concentrated beam of light onto one’s skin, typically near stretches of skin that look irregular. The laser helps remove damaged or oft unwanted skin in a precise manner, one skin layer at a time.

The type of laser beam used in the technique removes the outer layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis, heating the underlying skin or the dermis at the same time. The heating of the dermis is meant to stimulate the grow of new collagen fibers, allowing the treated area to heal over with new firmer and smoother skin.

The main technique typically makes use of two different lasers:

CO2 laser resurfacing. The most common laser used in this technique is the CO2 laser. This laser has been used to treat many skin conditions; the newer version of this particular tool sends short pulses of light onto the epidermal layer of one’s skin, respectively removing thin layers of skin without damaging the underlying and surrounding tissue.

Erbium laser resurfacing. This type of laser is used for superficial and/or deep lines on one’s face. It’s sometimes used to remove wrinkles on one’s face and neck.

Does laser resurfacing really work? Laser resurfacing is a good option for those seeking a permanent solution to their skin problems. For example, if they have severe scarring from acne or another skin-related condition, other methods may not be enough to get rid of the scars.

Most laser resurfacing procedures are manageable after the surgery and have a low recovery time, lasting a few weeks, making it ideal for most to undergo the procedure.

Most laser resurfacing techniques treat minor or unwanted skin flaws like:

  • Fine lines and/or wrinkles on the face, underneath the eyes, mouth or forehead.
  • Acne scars or scarring from conditions like chickenpox.
  • Aged or skin that’s been damaged by the sunlight.
  • Liver spots, warts and/or irregular birthmarks.

Before receiving laser skin resurfacing treatments, a cosmetic surgeon puts their patients through a series of treatments for their skin over a period of a few weeks, ensuring that there’s no complications from the actual procedure. The actual procedure itself takes around thirty minutes to two hours to complete.



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