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What Causes Cellulite and How You Can Reverse It

January 15, 2018 No Comments Cellulite
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Most often when we open celebrity lifestyle magazines and see the rich and famous luxuriating on beaches in the French Riviera, we daydream about what it might be like to be so lucky.  But when we turn the page to find mean, close-up shots of their cellulite, we cringe and thank our lucky stars that no one bothers to take photos of our dimpled bums and thighs.Although a whopping 90% of women have cellulite, most of us are extremely self-conscious about it, even when we’re not being chased ..

How to Reduce Cellulite on Your Thighs and Butt

October 26, 2017 No Comments Cellulite
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

It happened on a Tuesday. You went scrolling through your best friend’s pictures from the summer’s final beach bash and found an unfortunate picture of yourself caught from behind.  There they were, those embarrassing cottage cheese dimples on your thighs and butt, out in the open for all the world to see. Ugh! That was the moment you decided to wear jeans for the rest of your life. We understand. Cellulite sucks.But you’re not alone: 90% of women struggle with cellulite. And what’s ..

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite For Summer In San Diego

June 28, 2017 No Comments Cellulite
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Nothing kills your confidence in a bikini quite like cellulite. If you’re tempted to leave your sarong firmly tied around your waist at the beach, you’re not alone. A full 90 percent of women are plagued by the lumpy, cottage cheese effect on the backs of their thighs and bottoms. Frustrating, isn’t it?While experts aren’t quite sure why some women get cellulite and others don’t, there are a few things you can do to improve its appearance.

Get Rid Of Cellulite: Here are three ..

The Best Cosmetic Procedures for the Perfect Summer Beach Body

SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Achieve the perfect summer body you desire

There’s nothing like putting on a swimsuit for the first time in months to make you realize your body could use a little tune-up. Luckily, summer lasts until at least October in San Diego, giving you plenty of time to make some improvements and show them off on the beach. Whether you’re hoping to fill out your bikini top, sculpt your rear end, or finally get rid of the cellulite on your hips and thighs, a cosmetic procedure can help you ac ..

Cellfina vs. Cellulaze – Which is Best For Cellulite Treatment?

June 16, 2017 No Comments Cellulite
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Cellulite Afflicts 90 Percent Of Women And 10 Percent Of Men

Summer is here, which means you’ll be baring it all in bikinis, cut-offs, and short skirts for the next few months. You’ve worked hard to make sure you’re toned and fit for beach season, and you can see the results of those cardio barre workouts in your arms, abs, and legs. But when you turn around, it’s a completely different story. The cellulite you’ve battled for years is still holding on to the backs of your thi ..


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery