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Breast Lift Surgery or Breast Augmentation — Which is Right for Me?

Breast Lift Surgery or Breast Augmentation — Which is Right for Me?

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It’s that time of year again, when people all over San Diego are taking advantage of the wet weather and cooler temperatures to get themselves beach ready. Now is the perfect time to consider what you need to do to get the breasts you want in time for bikini season. But the question is whether you should opt for breast lift surgery or breast augmentation.

Great question! Here is some information about the differences between the two procedures that can help you answer it:

Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift does exactly what it sounds like: it lifts the breasts to a higher position on the chest. Officially, a breast lift is called mastopexy, and it’s a procedure that lifts the breast by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue.

Breast lift procedures range from the minimally invasive, which provides a small degree of lift and leaves the areola where it is, to the more common procedure that includes nipple repositioning and areola reduction.

The breast lift is a great solution for:

  • Sagging due to age
  • Sagging due to pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding
  • Sagging or breast position shift due to weight gain or loss

A breast lift can rejuvenate your figure with a youthful profile. It will not, however, change the size or round out the upper part of your breasts.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is by far the most common cosmetic surgical procedure available today. It addresses the fullness of a woman’s breasts by adding implants (or fat transfer) to increase the size and restore volume.

In breast augmentation surgery using implants, the surgeon makes an incision, lifts the breast tissue, and creates a pocket in which to place the implant. The type of implant used may be silicone-filled, saline-filled, or cohesive gel silicone. Less commonly (because the procedure is still undergoing clinical studies for research), fat may be transferred from an area of the body with an abundance of fat cells.

Breast augmentation is a great solution for those seeking:

  • Increased fullness and projection of breasts
  • Improved balance of figure
  • Increased self-confidence and attractiveness

Breast augmentation will address the size and fullness of the breasts, but not where they sit on the chest.

Still can’t decide?

Do both! At SD Body Contouring, we pride ourselves in being able to give our patients the bodies they want. With us, you can get perky beautiful breasts in just the right size by combining breast augmentation with a breast lift. The augmentation will provide you with size and fullness, and the lift will put your breasts front and center, right where they’re supposed to be.

Wasn’t that easy? Now only thing left to decide is when you’ll come in for your consultation!

Give us a call. We’re ready for you. Let’s get you ready for San Diego beach season.


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