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Before I decided to see Dr. Sarosy, I was beginning to lose weight, but it was very slowly and I wasn’t completely satisfied with my progress. I’d tried every available product for losing weight, from diet pills to diet drinks and yes, even exercising, but to no avail.

After seeing the TV program “The Swan,” I was inspired to proceed forward with my own weight loss. One day, while watching TV, I saw a commercial for Dr. Sarosy, explaining how he can help you change the way you feel about yourself and give you the confidence you’ve always wanted. Again, I was inspired.

In January of this year, I picked up the phone and made the most important call of my life. I called Dr. Sarosy, in hope that he could help me fulfill my goal in losing weight and further my dream of becoming more confident in my looks and self-esteem. I wanted to fit into those smaller, cuter clothes and look better and feel more attractive.

After I spoke with Dr. Sarosy, I could hardly wait to get started. He and his staff were patient, caring and kind, offering personal, one-on-one attention. They were never too busy to answer my questions or assure my comfort, both before and after surgery.

Now, ten months later, I’ve lost 56 pounds and weigh 142. I’ve dropped down from Women’s size clothing to Junior size. I look younger, feel sexier and have more confidence in myself than ever before. My friends and family tell me I don’t look a day over 35. When I go out, I get admiring looks from everyone. People even treat me differently, almost as if I’m a celebrity.

I keep myself toned by riding my bike daily for about an hour and by making healthier choices of eating. I feel these two things are important in maintaining my new, beautiful body. I’ve even motivated my friends and relatives to change their eating habits and appearance to give them the self-esteem boost I now have in myself. And, of course, after the incredible change they’ve seen in me, some have also gone to see Dr. Sarosy for their miraculous make-over.

It’s amazing that a change in your looks can change your life forever. It can change the way others perceive you and the way you feel about yourself. Thank you, Dr. Sarosy, for turning my life around. I never though it possible, especially at this age, to be so happy and so full of confidence. I feel beautiful, thanks to you. You made me into my own Swan.

Your happiest patient,
Gilda Page • Escondido, CA
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“In my lifetime, I’ve had over nine surgeries and never had I felt like a family member until meeting Dr. Sarosy and his staff. Wonderful people!!”

Patty S. • El Cajon

“I found Dr. Sarosy and his team to be the most professional and warm, compassionate people. Thank you, everyone!”

Carmen P. • SanDiego

“I underwent breast augmentation by Dr. Sarosy last year. After several consultations, I returned to Dr. Sarosy because his staff made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to have surgery. My experience was pleasant and the results are even better than I expected. Thanks again for all you have done.

Jessica T.• San Diego