Recent Study Reveals Correlation Between Age and Body Happiness

A recent study reveals that there is a direct correlation between body happiness and age, ethnicity and race.  A staggering 13 percent of those surveyed were happy with their bodies, this percentage climbed to 17 percent with Asian and African American women.  Caucasian women overall were the most dissatisfied with approximately 87 percent of US women stating there were unhappy with at least one part of their body.

20 percent of Asian women report they are unhappy with their eyes, while Hispanic women were unhappy with their facial features.  33 percent of the women surveyed in the United States report they would undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance or body part.  Overall Hispanic women report they are more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery at a rate of 39 percent and Asian women were the least likely at 23 percent.

The most popular procedure considered was breast enlargement, followed by liposuction and tummy tuck surgery.  The survey also revealed that women between the ages of 18 and 24 were the least happy with their facial features, while those aged 45 ot 64 complained mostly about their neck more than any other body part.

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