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Laser Hair Removal

Excessive hair growth can be an embarrassing condition for both San Diego men and women. The weather in southern California allows for shorts and sleeveless shirts year round.

For many years the only option was ineffective creams, shaving, painful waxing, or electrolysis.

San Diego cosmetic surgeon Charles Sarosy uses a low power laser to gently remove unwanted hair. Laser treatments will leave your skin smooth and hair free. Perfect for lying on the beach in Coronado or Pacific Beach.

Treatments can be performed on all skin types but works best on lighter skin and darker hair color. We utilize the Light Sheer by Lumenis, which is the gold standard in hair removal technology.

Treatments are very tolerable. Multiple sessions in our San Diego office are required because of the growth cycle of hair. Results are long lasting after multiple treatments. The most popular areas for treatment are the Face, bikini, and under arms.

  • Light-sheer Duet  available  ($15 charge for head)
  • Numbing Cream an additional $10 per treatment 
  • Not Effective for Gray or Blonde Hair
  • Cannot be actively tanning
  • Area needs to be shaved day before treatment
  • Cancellation policy -if not canceled or rescheduled with 24-hours notice treatment will be forfeited

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Laser Hair Removal Prices Choose from 30 body areas (Prices are per treatment)

Small AreaMedium AreaLarge Area
Brow(between)$75Jawline $275Full Face $400
Nose $100Front of Neck $300Buttocks $450
Ears $100Back of Neck $300Lower Arms $450
Cheek $125Extended Bikini $300Upper Arms $450
Happytrail $125Lower Face $300Lower Legs $500
Hands $1501/3 Buttock $300Upper Legs $500
Feet $150Shoulders $3501/2 Back $500
Areola $150Lower 1/3 Back $350Shoulder/Back Neck $500
Under Arms $150
Bikini $175
Chin $125
Upper Lip $125
Groin (men) $150
Sideburns $125



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SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


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