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How to Reduce Cellulite on Your Thighs and Butt

How to Reduce Cellulite on Your Thighs and Butt

October 26, 2017 No Comments Cellulite
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It happened on a Tuesday. You went scrolling through your best friend’s pictures from the summer’s final beach bash and found an unfortunate picture of yourself caught from behind.  There they were, those embarrassing cottage cheese dimples on your thighs and butt, out in the open for all the world to see. Ugh! That was the moment you decided to wear jeans for the rest of your life. We understand. Cellulite sucks.

But you’re not alone: 90% of women struggle with cellulite. And what’s more, there are some things you can do to get rid of those lumps and bumps on your thighs and butt in order to confidently wear your shortest shorts and your teeniest bikini without fear of candid cameras.

Lose fat

Cellulite is caused by swollen fat cells bulging against fibrous bands of connective tissue and puckering up your skin.  So it makes sense, then, that losing fat will help reduce your cellulite, right? Right! Carb and sugar restriction plus a high-fiber, high-protein diet will go a long way toward helping you lose fat and reduce cellulite.  Aerobic exercise is also an important part of any fat loss program.

Work those glutes and hamstrings

Some women deliberately steer clear of weight lifting because they fear becoming too bulky.  But even the cardio-obsessed among us will remain “skinny fat” without including some muscle building in their workout routine. There are a number of exercises for glutes and hamstrings that will help reduce the appearance of thigh cellulite and butt cellulite while allowing you to maintain your feminine curves and get you that toned look you desire.

Increase circulation and lymph drainage

Inflammation and swelling worsen the look of your cellulite.  When you increase your circulation and lymph drainage, however, you reduce inflammation as well as the visibility of those lumps and bumps you hate so much. This is one reason you want to keep doing the exercises we mentioned above—they help increase circulation in your thighs and bum. Massage also stimulates lymphatic drainage and breaks up the fluids beneath your skin, further reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Get your omega-3s

You may have heard that foods containing omega-3 fatty acids can have a significant positive impact on your overall health, but did you know they can also help reduce the conditions that cause cellulite and improve the appearance of your skin? It’s true. The omega-3s found in salmon, tuna, walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and egg yolk help lower inflammation, increase circulation, strengthen the cell walls of your skin, and smooth out cellulite dimples.

Exfoliate your thighs and bum

Exfoliation is another trick to stimulate blood flow, and when you use an exfoliator that contains caffeine, it will do double duty by tightening your skin to reduce the appearance of dreaded thigh cellulite and bum cellulite. Although this article makes an exaggerated promise when it says, “exfoliate those dimples away” (we wish it were that easy), it does offer a DIY coffee scrub recipe that can help enhance the other cellulite-busting strategies on this list.

Improve the appearance of cellulite for at least 3 years

If you’ve struggled with cellulite despite your efforts to reduce it with diet and exercise alone, you may want to consider Cellfina cellulite treatment.  Cellfina targets the fibrous bands that are puckering your skin, loosening them with a device the size of a needle and creating a smoother surface with fewer dimples. Cellfina is the only minimally invasive FDA-cleared procedure that has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least 3 years. Yep, you heard right. As long as you remain committed to a healthy diet and exercise routine, the results of Cellfina last at least 3 years!

Ready to reveal your best beach bum? Treat yourself to Cellfina today

At San Diego Body Contouring, we’re proud to offer Cellfina, the best and longest-lasting cellulite treatment available. If you’re ready to reduce your unsightly thigh cellulite and butt cellulite to get a smooth, beautiful backside you’re unafraid to reveal on the beach, we can help! Give us a call at (619) 697-1325 to schedule your Cellfina treatment today!

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