Dr Sarosy Reviews Breast Augmentation Techniques

Breast Augmentation Techniques;
Getting cosmetic breast surgery has become very popular all over the world. Women get breast implants for various reasons including wanting to increase their size or shape, being less than satisfied with the size and shape of their current breasts or some people have breast surgery to reconstruct the breast after a breast surgery. There are several different ways that breast augmentation is done and someone who is getting ready or thinking about a surgery may want to know some of the breast augmentation techniques.
Inframammary technique. This technique inserts the implant in the fold of the breast. The fold is where the breast meets the chest wall. The benefit of this technique is that there are no visible scars. If the woman plans to nurse later on she will still be able to produce milk as long as the nerves or muscles are not disturbed. This is a common choice for women who want no scars and want to be able to breastfeed at some point.
Transaxillary technique. Another choice for women who want minimal scaring is the transaxillary technique. This technique goes under the armpit, near the breast. There will be no scarring of this area when lifting the arm. This procedure will also have a minimal effect on a woman who plans to breastfeed in the future.
Transumbillical Technique. This technique is less common than the afore mentioned techniques. This technique goes through the navel where a small incision in places in the navel and the breast implant is moved up into the breast from there. There will be no scarring whatsoever and the risks to breastfeeding damage is minimal. However during this procedure there is a risk that breast tissue can be damaged or the implant itself could be damaged.
Periareolar technique. This option should only be used if the woman does not plan on breastfeeding in the future. This procedure is done by an incision around the areola. This is typically done to hide any scarring. The areola is pulled up or back and the breast implant is placed in. Small stitches are placed and there will be no visible scars. Due to milk ducts and glands being severed a woman will not be able to breastfeed with this procedure.
If you are considering getting a breast augmentation you should talk to your doctor about which one of these breast augmentation techniques would be right for you and your body. Make sure to tell the doctor if you plan on breastfeeding and what your goals are in getting breast implants.

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