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Breast Augmentation Capsulation

Breast Augmentation Capsulation

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After breast enhancement with breast enlargements, excessive scarring may form around the breast implant which in turn causes the breast implants to harden (much like exactly what a contracted muscle feels like) because the naturally developing scarring around the breast implant firms and squeezes it. Every patient may have some scarring form round the breast implant, but if it forms a great deal the implant will feel firmer as well as harder with respect to the “grade” of capuslar contraction the individual has. Capsular contracture grades from 1-4 with 4 to be the worst. While capsular contracture is definitely an unpredictable complication of breast surgery, it’s also the most typical complication of breast enhancement.

Capsular Contracture Prevention

Textured implants help deter capsular contracture due to their rough top of the breast implant which is supposed to discourage a tough capsule from developing round the implant.

Underneath the muscle (sub-pectoral or ‘partial sub-muscular’) positioning from the implant reduces chance of capsular contracture by typically 7%. Whereas within the muscle (above the muscle or ‘sub-mammary’) has 10 – 25% or more possibility of capsule contracture. Complete unders (total sub-musculofascial) provide much more protection in preventing capsular contracture from the breast enlargements.

Massage as well as compression. Normally, this is only completed with smooth breast enlargements and might be recommended for any period from a couple of days to as long as you have your breast enlargements. Don’t massage bruises!

The “no-touch” technique. This process includes thoroughly re-washing surgical mitts before handling any instrument and implants. Just the head surgeon touches the breast implant, utilizing a unique Teflon cutting board and immediately placing the implant beneath the muscle. Many of these measures help make sure that no foreign substance attach themselves to the implant, which could inflame the nearby tissue and cause complications like capsular contracture.

Vitamin E — Is rumored to assist in preventing capsular contracture; it cannot hurt and in addition it is advantageous to the skin. However, it could cause bleeding so do not take for 2 weeks before & after surgery.

Capsular Contracture Treatment

Anti-biotics – Surgeons use antibiotic to treat capsular contracture.

Zafirlukast (Brand: Accolate)





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