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The Best Time of Year for a Mommy Makeover Surgery

September 25, 2017 No Comments Mommy Makeover
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

At San Diego Body Contouring, we often hear the question, “When is the best time of year for a Mommy Makeover surgery?” The answer depends on a few different factors. The first criteria for having Mommy Makeover surgery requires an honest Yes for each of the following questions: 

The Best Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

September 22, 2017 No Comments Non-Surgical
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

We all have at least one beauty concern that we’d love to address. For some, it’s forehead wrinkles or sagging skin. For others, it’s stubborn pockets of fat or unsightly cellulite dimples. Whatever your cosmetic issue, chances are a skilled cosmetic surgeon can fix it. But is it really necessary to go under the knife in order to meet your aesthetic goals? What about non-surgical cosmetic procedures?Not at all.Today, thanks to recent advances in beauty technology, ..

Laser Skin Resurfacing as a Non-Surgical Facelift Alternative

September 7, 2017 No Comments Skin Resurfacing
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

San Diego is famous for its year-round sunshine, but years of fun in the sun could leave you with more than amazing memories. Unless you wear SPF 50 sunscreen all day every day, you’ll be saddled with sun-damaged skin and fine lines and wrinkles. The good news is that restoring your skin to a healthy, smooth, younger-looking glow doesn’t require surgery. Laser skin resurfacing with ResurFX laser treatment ..

Achieve a More Natural Look with a Laser Facelift

September 5, 2017 No Comments Facelift
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

One of the most disappointing aspects of aging is how unrecognizable we become to ourselves in the mirror. When wrinkles and loose sagging skin change your familiar facial features, it’s disconcerting to say the least—particularly if you still feel full of youthful vitality on the inside. The good news is that a laser facelift can refresh your natural beauty so you look like you again.A laser facelift is a combination of two procedures that work wonderfully together to address the signs ..

Difference Between a Full Facelift and a Mini Facelift

August 31, 2017 No Comments Facelift
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to the signs of aging, everyone has a different breaking point. For some, the very first sign of a double chin or slightly sagging neck may result in a panicked drive to the nearest cosmetic surgeon. At San Diego Body Contouring, we’ve had patients show up at our door with a barely visible wrinkle and ask for a full-fledged facelift. While we do understand that everyone wants to hang onto their youth for as long as possible, it’s not always necessary to take the most extreme me ..

Enjoy Quick Recovery Time with a Mini Facelift

August 28, 2017 No Comments Facelift
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Getting older is an unavoidable fact of life. Nevertheless, it’s natural to look in the mirror and feel unhappy with lines and wrinkles on your face and excess skin below your jawline. You don’t want to look 25 years old again; you just want to look how you feel on the inside. If you’ve considered getting a facelift to refresh your appearance but are concerned about the risk and recovery time associated with traditional surgery, you might be ..

How To Finance A Brazilian Butt Lift

July 28, 2017 No Comments Brazilian Butt Lift
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

It’s no secret: the Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the best ways to get the round, shapely bottom you’ve always wished for. You’ve seen the amazing results in our photo gallery, and you know you want those sensuous, natural-looking curves. But what you may not know is how you’re going to pay for it. See how to finance a Brazilian Butt Lift here.Don’t worry. There’s no need to let money ..

15 Tips for Before and After Your Mommy Makeover

July 25, 2017 No Comments Mommy Makeover
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

There comes a point in almost every mother’s life when she looks in the mirror at her body and says, “Is that really me?” From pregnancy to breastfeeding to up-all-night-rocking-the-baby-to sleep, the demands of motherhood require plenty of physical sacrifices. And with all the changes that take place in the body along the way, it’s no wonder most mothers find themselves feeling like their body is no longer their own.  At San Diego Body Contouring, our Read More  

How to Finance Breast Implants at San Diego Body Contouring

SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

You’ve studied up on the risks and benefits of breast implant surgery, and you’ve made the decision to go for it. Excellent! You can check step one off your list. The next step is figuring out how to finance breast implants.If you’ve done your homework, then you already know your insurance company won’t cover the procedure. Of course, if you have the money in your bank account, or if someone else offers to pay (lucky you!), then you have no need to finance your breast implants. But i ..


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SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


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