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The Best Cosmetic Procedures for the Perfect Summer Beach Body

SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Achieve the perfect summer body you desire

There’s nothing like putting on a swimsuit for the first time in months to make you realize your body could use a little tune-up. Luckily, summer lasts until at least October in San Diego, giving you plenty of time to make some improvements and show them off on the beach. Whether you’re hoping to fill out your bikini top, sculpt your rear end, or finally get rid of the cellulite on your hips and thighs, a cosmetic procedure can help you ac ..

Cellfina vs. Cellulaze – Which is Best For Cellulite Treatment?

June 16, 2017 No Comments Cellulite
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Cellulite Afflicts 90 Percent Of Women And 10 Percent Of Men

Summer is here, which means you’ll be baring it all in bikinis, cut-offs, and short skirts for the next few months. You’ve worked hard to make sure you’re toned and fit for beach season, and you can see the results of those cardio barre workouts in your arms, abs, and legs. But when you turn around, it’s a completely different story. The cellulite you’ve battled for years is still holding on to the backs of your thi ..

At What Age Should You Start Preventative Botox Treatments?

May 30, 2017 No Comments Botox
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve done even a limited amount of research on how Botox works, then it should be easy to understand why so many people use it not just to treat existing wrinkles, but to prevent future ones as well.

Botox removes “dynamic wrinkles” by blocking the signal that tells the muscles to contract. This temporary paralysis of facial muscles causes wrinkles to relax and soften. And because prolonged dynamic wrinkling leads to “static wrinkles,” it makes sense that if you freeze t ..

Why Summer is the Best Time for Botox Treatments

May 12, 2017 No Comments Botox
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re like most people, you work hard all year to look your best for summer. Sometimes this means putting in extra hours at the gym or adjusting your dietary habits. Other times, it means scheduling your liposuction or breast augmentation so you’re healed up and ready to reveal the new you by beach season. Luckily, Botox is one method of beautification that does not require months of preparation. This makes Botox a perfect cosmetic procedure for summer, and vice versa. Take a look below ..

The Pros And Cons Of Silicone Vs Saline Breast Implants

April 19, 2017 No Comments Breast Augmentation ,Breast Augmentation
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

The reasons women get breast implants are as varied as women themselves. Some are looking to improve the shape of their breasts after childbirth. Others want to boost their cup size, or increase their breast symmetry. What they all have in common, however, is the desire to feel better about their appearance – and themselves.

Whatever your reasons for seeking breast augmentation, San Diego Body Contouring can help you decide which type of breast implants are ..

Why We Love SculpSure (And You Should, Too!)

March 29, 2017 No Comments SculpSure
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re carrying extra weight around your middle, you know how frustrating it can be to find clothes that fit right. Your pants are too tight, your love handles spill over your waistband, and you don’t even want to see yourself in a bathing suit. The worst part is that you do everything right – you diet, you exercise – but nothing will get rid of that stubborn abdominal fat.Are you ready for some good news? Here it is: You’re not doomed to hide behind billowy caftans and uncomfor ..

How To Reduce Abdominal Fat With SculpSure

March 16, 2017 No Comments Liposuction ,Mommy Makeover ,SculpSure
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

Muffin top. Spare tire. Love handles.Whatever you call that extra weight you’re carrying around your midsection, you probably feel like it’s the bane of your existence. No matter how much you diet, no matter how many planks or crunches you do, it doesn’t go away. And if you’re not interested in the hassle and expense of invasive surgical procedures, you might be worried that you’re stuck with flabby abs forever.

Well, worry no more: Read More  

Get Ready for Summer in San Diego with Laser Hair Removal

February 22, 2017 No Comments Laser Hair Removal
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

One of the many reasons San Diego is such a popular tourist destination is that summer isn’t limited to a single season—bikini weather starts around April and can last clear into November. While an extended beach season is great for lucky locals, it also means you need to get your body beach ready much earlier than residents of cooler climates. And in addition to losing those pesky few pounds and getting a nice base tan, you also need to consider hair removal.Shaving and waxing, the trad ..

Liposuction Works on These 10 Parts of Your Body

February 13, 2017 No Comments Liposuction
SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

A balanced diet and regular exercise are the hallmarks of a healthy weight loss regimen, but sometimes even substantial weight loss isn’t enough to give you the sculpted body of your dreams. That’s why liposuction is the second most common cosmetic procedure in the world. It removes those pesky fat deposits that no diet program can melt away. Liposuction can work wonders on these 10 parts of your body:

1. Abdomen

There are several different kinds of body fat, but the type that’s ..

5 Cosmetic Procedures Worthy of Your Tax Return

SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery

The New Year means a chance to start fresh, whether that means improving your health, your career, or your appearance. It also means the start of tax filing season, and if you’re expecting a sizeable refund from the IRS this year, your imagination is probably swirling with all the various ways you can spend it. Here’s a suggestion: instead of frittering the money away over the course of a few mall trips or letting it dwindle on everyday expenses, why not spend it on something a little lavish ..


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery


SD Body Contouring Cosmetic Surgery