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Are you a Candidate For a Tummy Tuck?

Are you a Candidate For a Tummy Tuck?

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Am I a Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Candidate?

A great Tummy Tuck candidate is for someone with an overall healthy body, who’s not able to flatten their stomach by other means, for example diet and exercise. If you’re near your medically recommended weight and want help losing the persistent excess skin and body fat around the stomach area, you may be an applicant for abdominoplasty surgery.

The Perfect Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Candidate

Tummy tucks are appropriate for ladies who may have had multiple pregnancies, and for men and women who have been once obese and lost weight. In many cases, after excess weight loss the skin may be loose or hanging and in need of a nip and tuck. If you’re not at or near your recommended weight, and also have a large amount of body fat within an isolated area, you may be a great candidate for abdominoplasty surgery.

Abdominoplasty Candidates Ought To Be:

• Close for their ideal bodyweight (within 30%)

• Willing to get rid of specific regions of loose skin or body fat which are dieting and exercise resistant

• At a reliable weight for six several weeks or even more

• Skin should have good complexion and elasticity

• Emotionally stable

• Understanding from the perils of abdominoplasty surgery and skin damage

• Maintaining a healthy diet plan and physical exercise routine

Causes of Abdominoplasty Surgery

Patients who’ve abdominal wall deformation might be considered for abdominoplasty surgery should they have the next:

• Wrinkly or loose skin with stretchmarks caused by pregnancy, aging or marked weight reduction

• Excess body fat tissue, usually more prominent within the lower abdomen and from proportion towards the relaxation of the body

• Rectus muscle diastasis-the muscles from the anterior abdominal wall have separated and relaxed, leading to the stomach to bulge out and never react to dieting and exercise

Abdominoplasty Surgery Safeguards

If you plan to get rid of lots of weight, wait about six several weeks after reaching your ultimate goal weight to schedule abdominoplasty surgery. Ladies who plan future pregnancy should wait to have abdominoplasty surgery until they’re through getting children, because pregnancy will stretch the abdomen again.

You’re at elevated risk for complications for those who have diabetes poor circulation heart, lung or liver disease smoke possess a genealogy of thrombus take certain medicines and when you’re obese. Abdominoplasty surgical procedures are not an alternative choice to weight reduction.

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