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5 Cosmetic Procedures Worthy of Your Tax Return

5 Cosmetic Procedures Worthy of Your Tax Return

5 Cosmetic Procedures Worthy of Your Tax Return

The New Year means a chance to start fresh, whether that means improving your health, your career, or your appearance. It also means the start of tax filing season, and if you’re expecting a sizeable refund from the IRS this year, your imagination is probably swirling with all the various ways you can spend it. Here’s a suggestion: instead of frittering the money away over the course of a few mall trips or letting it dwindle on everyday expenses, why not spend it on something a little lavish that you totally deserve?

If you’ve been looking for a way to refresh your appearance, here are 5 cosmetic procedures worthy of your tax return:

1. Laser hair removal

Bikini season comes pretty early in San Diego, so why not prepare now and get rid of unwanted body or facial hair? Laser treatments like Light Sheer by Lumenis are a huge step forward in hair removal. They’re vastly more effective than creams, much longer lasting than shaving, and nearly pain-free compared to waxing and electrolysis. Due to the growth cycle of hair, multiple treatments are needed, but the time and financial investment will be worth it when you’re enjoying smooth, hairless skin all summer long.

2. Laser tattoo removal

Whether your New Year’s celebrations involved a regrettable trip to the tattoo parlor, or a mistake from your wild youth is still haunting your skin, you’re not alone—surveys show about half of all people with tattoos want them removed. Fortunately, laser tattoo removal is now a safe, comfortable procedure that can take as few as three treatments, depending on the size, depth, and ink color of your tattoo, and your skin tone. Just think, once that pesky ink is gone, you’ll be free to wear the on-trend, skin-baring clothes that you didn’t dare before because of your embarrassing ink.

3. Liposuction

Let’s say you actually stick to your “eat healthy and exercise” New Year’s resolution, but a few stubborn pockets of fat on your belly, thighs, back, or arms simply refuse to melt away. That’s where liposuction comes in, vacuuming out fat deposits below the skin to give your body the smooth curves you work so hard for. The procedure involves local or deep sedation depending on the area of the body, and while the recovery time is only a few days, the fabulous results will last as long as you maintain your body weight.

4. Skin resurfacing

Facials are wonderful, and more intensive skin procedures, like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, are fantastic for a quick, rejuvenating boost. But if you have extra downtime to spare and want the ultimate in smooth, glowing skin, check out Cortex Co2 skin resurfacing. Effective for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and pigment irregularities, this procedure produces dramatic results in just a week. And because the lasers involved stimulate your own collagen growth, you can expect even further improvements over the following months.

5. Breast augmentation

Maybe you’ve always been a little disappointed in the bra size nature gave you, or maybe you’ve watched your breast volume shrink after having a kid or two. Whatever your reasons for wanting a more voluptuous figure up top, there’s no reason to wait any longer with that IRS check in hand. Augmentation procedures have advanced significantly over the years, involving minimal scarring and improved recovery times, so you’ll be dropping jaws at the beach in just weeks.

Ready to treat yourself?

If you’re looking to spend your tax refund on some much-deserved self-improvement, look no further than San Diego Body Contouring. All cosmetic procedures are performed by Dr. Sarosy, who has performed thousands of successful procedures with a high rate of patient satisfaction for more than 17 years. He’ll answer all your questions and help you decide on the best procedure for your goals and budget, so give us a call to schedule your consultation today!

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